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My fav screensaver (functional yet beautiful) is out and updated for OSX Mavericks.

I rely upon Amazon book reviews to decide whether to buy a book. This means sorting thru the gunk of real reviews by real readers who actually paid real money to buy the book, and invested real hours in reading it, from the ‘other stuff’.

One thing indie authors will do, and its not a horrible thing as it were, is have friends, or forum buddies post a positive review. You can identify these, sometimes, by their calling the writer by his first name (Another great effort by Chris! Keep up the good work, buddy!), or by the statement, ‘I don’t usually read [genre], but this book is the awesome!’ I have this statement mentally downvoted.

Another thing is handing out free copies in return for a review. Since these guys tend themselves to be writers, they will use marketing speak like ‘thrill ride’, ‘nonstop action from cover to cover!’, etc. I mentally downvote these, too.

Then, there are the paid shills, who make their living writing fake reviews of books they have never read. I hope writers will not stoop so low, but sadly, many do. You can look at their review history, or lack of it.

Sometimes, and it is mostly libs and progs who do this, but conservatives do it as well, people will give a book a one star based upon their perception of the writers political stance, or because of misogyny, (their definition, anyways) or accuse the writer of being a fascist because the liberal characters are the bad guys.

I understand this can be hard to take, but if a book is good, its good! I have read plenty of sci-fi written by libs positively dripping with their disdain for conservatives, and I don’t think I have ever knocked off stars for that alone. Luckily, the genres that I read now are mostly populated by libertarians and libertarian leaning authors. You don’t find many zombie apocalypse novels written by progs, for instance.

I discount the reviews obviously written by people who write for a living, or hope to, that use flamboyant over the top words that sound like they came from a movie review, downvotes for having prog bad guys, or killing off all the urban left leaning demographic (which would obviously happen in a ZA situation), or that mention the writer by his first name.

If a book had many 5 or 4 star reviews, I look at the 1 stars and go from there. If they claim the author can’t write, or point out significant problems with editing and pacing and plot, I take that into account as well.

It’s an intuitive game, yes! But with practice, you can learn to parse book reviews.

omgosh, iToons is a disaster. I fret every time I have to open it up, and I am afraid to press the ‘sync’ button, just to get ONE SONG TO MY PHONE IT TAKES FOREVER!

I miss how easy it was to copy music onto my Android phone. Just plug in, drop and drag.

Islamo-fascists ISIS nabs US weapons, 1/2 billion in USD, & a whole bunch of gold bullion.

I believe the US government somehow arranged this. These people are dangerous and must be resisted.

rant: if yer gonna require authentication for your game to play online, even on a private server, u should make sure your auth servers never go down

If I ever get kidnapped by terrorists, and the terrorists demand an exchange, find out who is so important to these creeps, and blow their brains out in front of the whole world.

Don’t worry about what will happen to me. I go up.

Every time I zip a folder using the CLI on Linux, I have to google the arguments. This has been going on for years.